What is Phishing | How to hack social media | User name & password hacking | Termux | kali linux
What is Phishing | User name & password hacking |How to do a Phishing Attack | Termux | kali linux

Hai guys this video I am showing
what is phishing attack then how to adapt Phishing attacks useing android or kali linux
Phishing is method to get victim’s username and password

tool link:


Hackers Song | Hackers BGM  | Ncs song  |  Hackers Ringtone | Hackers Music | Anonymous  Bgm | Free
this song best background  song for used to  Hackers , Anonymous, beatbox & YouTube  video,  this song full free
this is non copyright  song for YouTube  videos

hai guys  this video  I am show best hackers  background  song for YouTube  videos, this song are non copyright  song (Ncs song)


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