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This is the first video out of a series of videosI will be publishing on retired HTB machines in preparation for the OSCP. The full list of OSCP like machines compiled by TJnull can be found below link

Exploit Code for Manual Exploitation:
git clone https://github.com/helviojunior/MS17-010.git
Good source for Manual Exploitation:

How to Exploit MS17-010 Eternal Blue without Metasploit

What i Have learned from this BOX.

Lesson 1: This was a simple machine to solve. It was running a vulnerable outdated version of SMB.

Lesson 2: Setup SmbServer on Kali Linux
Lesson 3: Without any nc, wget, certutil and power-shell transfer and executes the “exe” files on windows from Linux.
Lesson 4: Always update systems.

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