Join Kody and Michael for a live chat where we answer all of your hacking questions and respond to comments on our videos.

0:00 Intro
1:00 What OS do we use?
4:37 Should I upgrade from a Pi 3+ ?

8:00 What Pi OS should I use?
9:25 Arch Linux?
10:00 I know nothing about hacking, where do I start?
12:11 Video Game Cheating
14:02 Is Nikto/website scanning Illegal?
17:20 Writing Metasploit Scripts
18:22 QR Code Hacking
22:46 Best Hardware?
23:16 Auto-clickers
25:15 Firmware Reversing
26:45 Should I run Kali as a VM or Subsystem?
29:36 QR Code Privilege Escalation
32:18 Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi
33:41 Cell Network Hacking
34:25 Changing Careers to Pen-testing
36:53 What are the Best Password Lists?
38:13 What to do after installing Wireshark?
39:15 Tails OS and Hardware Encryption
39:58 Social Media Hacking

41:34 Locking Down your System
43:22 Remoting into a Pi
44:19 Dual Booting is a bad idea?
46:37 Qubes OS?
47:47 Powershell for Hacking
49:38 WiFi Pineapple worth it?
51:36 What Hacking skills to learn in High-school?

55:16 WiFi Duck Hacking
56:18 Ethics and Privacy Resources
59:30 How we became youtubers