Jeff will cover real-world hacks (like Twitter, allegedly by a 17-year-old) from start to finish, and walk through some examples with and without Metasploit (a popular hacking tool). Then, he’ll go over how you can make your own lab to experiment, learn, and have fun!

Jeff Mcjunkin @JeffMcjunkin
Jeff McJunkin is a senior staff member at Counter Hack Challenges with more than nine years of experience in systems and network administration and network security. His greatest strength is his breadth of experience – from network and web application penetration testing to digital/mobile forensics, and from technical training to systems architecture. He is a computer security/information assurance graduate of Southern Oregon University and holds many professional certifications. He has also competed in many security competitions, including taking first place at a regional NetWars competition and a U.S. Cyber Challenge capture-the-flag competition, as well as joining the Red Team for the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

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