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This is a Linux introductory course which will present for you an explanation about the Linux OS in no time, how to install it on a virtual machine and work with it on your computer and a head start on it’s command line basics. The topics covered in this course are: – What is Linux? – Linux History – What does Linux Distributions mean? – Linux File System Hierarchy – Install VirtualBox – Install Linux – Linux Basic commands

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πŸ–₯ Ethical H@ck!ng for Beginners
πŸ–₯ Linux Basics
πŸ–₯ Linux Advanced
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πŸ–₯ Linux Bash Course
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πŸ–₯ Mastering Burpsuite for professionals

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In this, today’s fast-growing technical world knowledge is getting costly this is the reason behind why middle class and lower class people are not getting it. Tech2Secure is contributing to the development of technical literacy of Indians. All the courses on Tech2Secure are in Hindi and easy to understand.
Let’s start learning in our native language and grab all the courses and be the master of digital knowledge in this technical world.