In this video you will see how to fully secure your instagram account from being hacked in 2020, I follow these tips to secure your instagram account and other social media accounts from being hacked.

There are different tips to protect and secure your instagram account from hackers and we will talk about all of them in this video.

Pls watch until the end 🙂

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Tips in video:
1. Strengthen your password (0:43)
2. Don’t post personal information (1:28)
3. Instagram account password must be different from email password (1:37)
4. Avoid logins with Instagram account details in third party sites (2:29)
5. Turn on two factor authentication (2:58)
6. Make your Instagram account private (3:12)
7. Routing check (4:43)

How to change Instagram Password

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Hackers are all over social media a now, and instagram accounts have become major targets for these guys.

So let’s check out All the things you should do, to make sure your Instagram account is secure from Hackers.
And you can apply this to other of your social media accounts to avoid being hacked

Okay the first thing to do is obvious,
and that is to not have simple guessable password, the best way to do this is to include numbers and symbols in your password, and make your password a little bit longer, like ten characters or more, but make sure the characters follow a pattern, so you can easily remember your password Incase you log out of Instagram.
I have a video on how to change your instagram password, so you can use the card above, or the link in the description.

Also you need to be careful how you give out your personal info as you post on Instagram because they increase the chances of someone guessing your password, so this will definitely secure your instagram account from being hacked.

The next very important thing you should do still regarding your Instagram account password is to sure your Instagram password is totally different from your Email account password, so that in the case where your account gets hacked you can be able recover it using your Gmail, because you have access to your recovery email password and the hacker does not.

Another thing you should look into before we move into some security and privacy settings you can use to secure your Instagram account from hackers, is to limit the number of sites that you drop, your username and password.

Now moving into some settings, most Social Media platforms, if not all have a security option called two factor authentication or verification, and this is by far the most efficient way to secure your Instagram account from being hacked that you can do easily.

How it works is, when you or anyone else trys to login to your account, instagram or the social media platform your on, would request verification or authentication by sending a code to your phone number, which you or the unknown person trying to login to your Instagram account must type in, before being able to access your account, even if they have your password. So it creates an extra layer of security for your account, to save it from hackers. And as annoying as this extra step might seem to you when you try to login, there is nothing as annoying as your account being hacked.

If you are not using instagram as a public figure or a Creator and you only use it with your friends, then Another really good way to secure your Instagram account is to switch your public instagram account to private.

The last thing you can do to secure your Instagram account from hackers is what I call a routine check, and how this works is once a week or in two weeks, or just anytime you like you go through your login data, to see if anyone has logged into your account that isn’t you.
This just takes less than 5 minutes to do,
and it’s a very good way of knowing if your Instagram account has being hacked.

Thank for watching, catch you in the next one 🙂