Hey all welcome to B&W-SEC, today i am going to teach to how to install and successfully use an exploit from exploit-db.com in metasploit

prerequiste: any os running metasploit framework.

Lets start:
1.) Download the exploit from exploit-db.com (If you are exploiting an software then also download the vulnerable software):

but first start msfconsole and check the number of exploits to keep track the number of exploit.
1671 exploits — sorry for this it was added long ago 🙂

2.) Rename the exploit with the name you like (but try to be more specificly name as per the software)and also figure out the OS
in this case windows
3.) Once you’ve downloaded and renamed th exploit open up the terminal and what you’ll be doing is making a dir in the .msf4 folder
named exploits–windows–exploit.rb and then copy the exploit to this folder you’ve created
i’ve already created
COMMAND: sudo mkdir -p exploits/windows
sudo cp /path/exploitname $HOME/.msf4/modules/exploits/windows

4.) Once successfully done this open the terminal in the /opt/metasploit directory and type this:

COMMAND: sudo ./ctlscript.sh metasploit restart
sudo msfconsole
5.) exploit successfully added