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Welcome back to my channel, This video is self created for awareness and information purposes that a hacker can hack a passport with the help of a boarding pass from News published on 17th Sep2020.

The tech expert called Alex Hop had hacked the former Australia PM, Mr.Tony Abott’s passport and contact number who had placed the photograph of his boarding pass on Instagram post for thank giving to Quantas crew member s with a caption on the photo “A big thank you to all Team of QF26, see you soon flying with you again”.
The informations and captions is used from the published internet BBC news.com for fair used, published on 17sep2020.

Mr. Abott posted on march and one of the friend of Mr. Alex on their chat group send a message “can you hack this person?” Mr. Alex cyber expert took the challenge due to his friend dared him and within 45 minutes he able obtained the passport number and contact details of former PM of Australia.

In his blog “anyone can find the photo from instagram”.
Which was later deleted.

After that Alex Hop wired to Quantas informing about the incident that he had tracked down of passport number and personal phone number only he is the person know it.
Quantas they informed they had fleeced big the bug in july2020.

Mr. Alex Hop self claimed hacker also contacted Australian cyber security office to inform the the security breach that he had obtained from the quantas booking page with the help of PNR written on the boarding pass. They thanked to Mr. Alex for bring the notice into them and had forwarded to concerned for further investigate the matter and convey to higher authority.

Later after many months of trying Alex able to contact the personal assistant of Mr. Abott as he did not want to call directly to Mr. Abott. He had a quick chat with his assistant and Mr. Abott who asked what helped him to fin the the detail and Alex replied it had the PNR on the boarding pass.

Later Quatas has tightened the security protocol and advised its passenger not upload the photo of the boarding pass on social media, at least to obscured from posting due to it has the informations.

The incident remind us that we should thing twice more what to post on social media and what not.

Therefore think twice before you post what to post on social media because if a famous person like Prime minister can do it we also do it same same way.

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Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purpose, picture, captions taken from the published internet for the purpose of fair used under the guideline of youtube copyright rules.

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