All the content shown in the video are only for the educational
purpose. The tutorial doesn’t promote any no ethical activities, it is
only for the education and knowledge. Please don’t use the steps
shown in the video for any non ethical purpose. Ask the user
permission to perform any kind of penetration testing.
Thank You.


Information about the penetration testing

Android Version: Any.
Kali Linux: OS as a penetration tool.
Exploit used: android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

Remove file from the html folder: ” sudo rm file_name ”

*** Important Note ***
# Please don’t perform this tests in any of the other users without their
# Please don’t skip the video.
# Please don’t perform this test in an unknown devices.
# This exploit only works on any android device.


This a tutorial video of android exploiting, please follow all the guidelines while performing this hacking.
Thank you.


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