One more time, criminal hackers have targeted a cryptocurrency exchange. This time, it’s a Slovakian crypto exchange ETERBASE that suffered the hack losing $5.4 million.

ETERBASE Crypto Hack

Reportedly, the cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE has suffered a security breach that caused financial losses. The attackers targeted the exchange’s hot wallets to steal $5.4 million worth of crypto assets.

Based in the Slovak Republic, ETERBASE claims to be the first European regulation-compliant cryptocurrency exchange. As mentioned on their website, the exchange complies with the GDPR and AMLD4/AMLD5.

The news about the ETERBASE crypto hack surfaced online after the exchange posted about it on their Telegram channel.

Following the incident, the service announced on Twitter about the maintenance mode of the exchange.

As elaborated in a notice on their website, the incident caused losses of six different assets from the exchange. These included Bitcoin, Ether, ALGO, Ripple, Tezos, and TRON.

Despite the losses, ETERBASE has assured continued operations in the future.

We want to inform our users that we have enough capital to meet all our obligations, and at the same time, we want to reassure everyone that this event won’t stop our journey!

Though, the exchange site still down for maintenance (until the time of writing this article).

Eterbase down after hack

What Next?

Following the incident, ETERBASE involved the relevant law enforcement authorities as they go on with the investigations.

Also, they have contacted the relevant cryptocurrency exchanges where the stolen data may reach. In a recent tweet, they have named Binance, HitBTC, and HuobiGlobal.

Binance has also acknowledged cooperation in response.

For now, no further details are available. But the exchange will certainly keep the users updated via their Twitter account and articles on the website.

Earlier this year, the hackers targeted two different cryptocurrency platforms with the same strategy. The attacks caused a total loss of $25 million worth of crypto assets.

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