This week we are joined by CTS to discuss fuzzing. We also take at PEN-300/OSEP. Before jumping into this weeks exploits, from NAT Slipstreaming to a Metasploit command injection and plenty in between.

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[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:01:06] Cybersecurity as we know it will be ‘a thing of the past in the next decade,’ says Cloudflare’s COO
[00:05:51] A Researcher’s Guide to Some Legal Risks of Security Research
[00:10:57] Exploit Developer Spotlight: The Story of PlayBit
[00:17:25] New Pentesting Course: PEN-300 (OSEP)
[00:28:20] Vulnonym: Stop the Naming Madness!

[00:30:55] DeFuzz: Deep Learning Guided Directed Fuzzing
[00:59:32] NAT Slipstreaming
[01:08:10] GitLab CVE-2020-13294
[01:13:17] Attacking Roku sticks for fun and profit

Attacking Roku sticks for fun and profit

[01:16:48] Tiki Wiki – Authentication Bypass [CVE-2020-15906]
[01:20:12] Metasploit framework template command injection – CVE-2020-7384
[01:23:43] Wormable remote code execution in Alien Swarm
[01:29:50] Pulse Connect Secure – RCE via Uncontrolled Gzip Extraction [CVE-2020-8260]

Technical Advisory: Pulse Connect Secure – RCE via Uncontrolled Gzip Extraction (CVE-2020-8260)

[01:32:55] The story of three CVE’s in Ubuntu Desktop
[01:41:31] CVE-2020-16939: Windows Group Policy DACL Overwrite Privilege Escalation
[01:46:36] Windows Kernel cng.sys pool-based buffer overflow
[01:54:21] Vector35 releases all Binary Ninja core architecture plugins

[01:55:33] How Debuggers Work: Getting and Setting x86 Registers, Part 1
[01:56:12] CodeQL U-Boot Challenge (C/C++)
[01:59:14] Fundamentals of Software Exploitation