Today’s guest is Raquel Borras,Chief Excitement Officer of True To You Branding.

Raquel’s expertise in social media and branding started with LinkedIn, where she studied other social media moguls and influencers. Raquel believes that bringing valuable content, authenticity and vulnerability to your social media is the key to gaining a strong following and presence.

Raquel explains that if you want people to listen to what you have to say, you need to be consistent with putting out content that adds value. Central to that value is that people need to connect with a person.

They want to see the face and the personality behind the brand. A lot of brands forget that there are humans with feelings and emotions interacting with your content. You will never be able to connect with them if you’re not being authentic. 

Raquel had a major turning point in her approach to social media. She took a big risk and did a video, sharing her story about how she suffered from depression and attempted suicide. It encouraged people to come out and connect with her and celebrate what she shared. It was the best thing she could have done. It resonated and it helped people because she was being authentic.

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